An announcement for Diablo 4 was met with considerable controversy when Diablo 4's mobile-friendly version of the legendary Blizzard RPG was first announced during BlizzCon 2018. The Diablo 4 Gold series has not had an original main series game since the release of Diablo 3 five years prior and many fans were disappointed to see a mobile-friendly version revealed instead of an official Diablo 4 reveal. Today, with Diablo 4's worldwide launch just a few days away report indicates that the controversial mobile game won't be available in all regions.

The game is scheduled to launch on June 2. Blizzard has been frequently sharing more information on Diablo 4 in the weeks before its launch. Blizzard disclosed at a recent Diablo-themed event in March that Diablo 4 would also be coming out via PC with an open beta of the PC version beginning on the same day of the launch on mobile. In spite of initial criticism, test players have reportedly been positive about Diablo 4. Diablo mobile game leading up to the game's release. Now, it appears Diablo 4's release globally will be skipping Belgium and the Netherlands.

An interview conducted by Diablo 4 executive producer Peiwen Yao confirms the highly-anticipated mobile game won't launch within Belgium and the Netherlands when it launches due to laws in those countries regarding loot boxes. They both Belgium along with the Netherlands adhere to strict rules concerning loot boxes in video games. The countries legally recognized as considering random chance items to be a form of gambling. The growing animosity of officials towards loot containers has plagued various franchises as FIFA's Ultimate Team mode being a particularly targeted area.

Beyond the restrictions of authorities from Belgian in addition to the Dutch governments Loot boxes have faced considerable criticism from the gaming community since chances-based options for premiums have become more frequent. Many popular streamers and creators like Asmongold have been vocally dissatisfied with the use of loot box games. Studies have found the connection between loot box and gambling problems among children, causing criticism from many government institutions around the world and regularly watching games and businesses come under fire.

As Diablo 4 has come under scrutiny once more, the mobile game's release is coming as players are not sure when they will see the release of Diablo 4. Blizzard has been slowly dishing out more details regarding Diablo 4. which reveals changes to the game's dungeon system and showing off the revamped Paragon system, but an time frame for the release has yet to be determined on Diablo 4. Though fans may still be waiting for a while on Diablo 4. Diablo 4 will be sure to get rid of Buy Diablo IV Gold that itch for dungeon crawling for long-time fans of this franchise.